Why Vietnam ?


During the 1960s, Vietnam was the biggest export market for Piaggio (Vespa) and Innocenti (Lambretta).


Italian scooters have been a regular site here since the early 1950s. In most countries around the world, these scooters have been regarded as a throwaway item. However, here in Vietnam, Vintage Vespas and Lambrettas are a common sight, the familiar buzz of Italian scooters are very much a feature of our cities!


There is a whole sub culture that has developed here, due to people’s passion for these scooters, we have many clubs and organizations devoted to these wonderful classics. Vintage scooters have created a whole industry here, we are proud to be at the forefront of this- We are the Number 1 manufacturer of sterling quality parts.


We produce more than 1000 different parts and accessories for these timeless machines. We have been supplying distributors for many years now and have gained a reputation of the highest quality. Now, (and thanks to the internet!) we can offer our products directly to you the reseller - cutting out the middle man.


Our products are shipped worldwide. No public orders, sorry! Trade enquiries welcome!