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This site is for scooter shops and traders only.

Or if you can gather an order up to 2,000.00 United Kingdom Pounds, contact us

* To find a specific item

If you are looking for a particular item, you will see a product QUICK FIND box in the upper right hand corner at the top of any page. The search function searches for the keyword in the item name. You can go further with Advanced Search.

* To see new products

Below QUICK FIND box is the NEW PRODUCT area, this will help you diversify your own range of products.

* To get an profitable order

You can select SPECIAL page, placed lower in the right column of each page, you'll see products bringing more profit to your business.

* To place items in your Shopping Cart

1.       In any of our sub-catalog list pages, you can see products displayed in 4 column: Add to cart, Product Name, Quantity & Unit Price.

       1.1    You can save your time by choosing which items wanting purchasing, then filling the number in the qty box, make a stick to 'Add to Cart' box and press BUY NOW button at the bottom of each page.

       1.2    Or if you need more infomation about desired product (lager image, description, code ...), you can click on its image/ name to open this product's page. Then select ADD TO CART button to choose the quantity.

       1.3    With products having options, you have to add them seperately into your shopping cart. In the product's page, you can add it with various quantities for different options by sticking in 'Buy this product with different options' box before press ADD TO CART button.

2.       You can view the items you have placed in your shopping cart at any time by clicking on the SHOPPING CART located on the left of any page. At WHAT'S IN MY CART page, you can check & change items you've selected with the quantities, options ... If you changed anything, click UPDATE. If not, select CONTINUE SHOPPING to go on ordering.

3.       Whenever you’re ready to make your purchase. Please review all the items you've placed in your Shopping Cart to ensure the items are correct in size, color, type ... and quantity. After you've finished checking, click on CHECKOUT.

4.       If you are a first-time shopper, please creat your account. Then our system recognizes you as a returning customer (even if you have never purchased anything from us). Login as a returning customer using your e-mail address and password, click SIGN IN, and you will be on your way through the order process. If you have forgotten your password, click on PASSWORD FORGOTTEN? to have your password emailed to you.



As soon as we receive your order form, we’ll return to you with quotation and payment method option via email.