About Us


Why do we produce so many top quality items?


Simply put….Passion! A labour of love.


Hoang Hai, Engineer, Designer, Company Director.


From an early age Hoang Hai had a love of Italian scooters, some of his earliest childhood memories were buzzing about as a passenger on his parents’ Lambretta Series 2. His whole working life has been devoted to the engineering, testing, and production of the finest quality parts and spares for Italian scooters. Many of the new parts available today have been designed by him, everything from tubeless rims to front disc brake conversions for Lambretta (and those for Vespa will come soon) - not to mention the highly acclaimed tuned stainless steel exhaust range available for most scooters.


Add to this, a large team of dedicated staff- probably better described as a team of friends, many of whom have been working together many years, the concept, design and production of new or reproduced items has become a way of life for this crowd!


The office team consist of 4 members, all of whom speak fluent English, It’s a modern office well equipped to export worldwide. During working hours 8am till 7pm (GMT+6hrs) you can be sure of an immediate response, all enquiries are dealt with, with the same priority.


All in all it’s a team effort- the simple aim – to produce the highest quality parts at unbeatable prices.


We produce more than 1000 different parts and accessories for these timeless machines. We have been supplying distributors for many years now and have gained a reputation of the highest quality. Now, (and thanks to the internet!) we can offer our products directly to you the reseller - cutting out the middle man.


Our products are shipped worldwide. No public orders, sorry!

Trade enquiries welcome!


Within our maketting-campaign, SOLE DISTRIBUTOR is one of important steps. And now, we all must congratulate BD-scooters , our sole ditributor in northern Europe (Sweden - Norway - Finland - Denmark - Island)


Contact details:

1. Nothern Europe sole distributor: BD-scooters
Fiskvik 3350, Bergsjo, Sweden
Mr. Robert Hjort
email: robert@bd-scooters.com
phone: +46065210109